About us - Cartofisserie

CARTOFISSERIE was born out of love for potatoes.

We put fries in the first place and we especially like those potatoes that are properly grown, gently touched by the sun and patiently harvested.

We are potato fans, so we offer them VIP treatment at CARTOFISSERIE. Because they are our distinguished guests, we don’t rush anything up when it comes to preparing them. Some of the potatoes are peeled completely, before preparation. Others, can keep their suits on. All of them are carefully sliced and fried instantly. After that we let them rest. Shortly before serving we put them back in hot oil, just to make them crispy enough.

We serve you great fries with spicy and flavored sauces for every individual taste, hoping you enjoy the out of this world culinary experience.

Potatoes are special to us. If you cherish fries the same we do share their story with your friends!